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Pakistan’s Mango Shortage is Expected to Get Worse This Year

Pakistan has been one of the top mango exporters globally for a long time; to be specific, it’s the 5th mango exporter in the world. Because of this huge scale export, local citizens are always left behind with low-quality mangoes. This isn’t a new thing for us, but this year, the shortage is expected to worsen as Pakistan has also decided to export mangoes to China.
On the one hand, Pakistan is stepping into one of the largest marketplaces in China. Where generating revenues is undoubtedly a benchmark. On the other hand, it will be even more challenging to find some premium quality mangoes in the local market. This is also a massive opportunity for mango exporters as China is a developing market for Pakistani farm produce. On the other hand, the locals will be losing out even on few quality mangoes they were left with, hence the dilemma.

Export Mangoes to China

Pakistan has been exporting mangoes to multiple countries, but China wasn’t one of them. In its efforts to enter China’s market, Pakistan held a mango tasting event in 2019 in Shanghai and got a fantastic response. Of course, why wouldn’t they? We know our mangoes are world-class. After that tasting event, taking the opportunity at this year’s China International Import Expo 2021. Pakistan is expected to export its mangoes to the Chinese market on a larger scale.

How many mangoes does pakistan export

With this vast development, the demand for premium quality mangoes will increase. There are around 1.9 million tons of mangoes produced in the country and out of which 120,000 tons are exported. This year the product quantity will be the same, or maybe even less. Considering the Sudden death of mango plague in areas of Sindh. But the export quantity is going to increase on a large scale.

Because of this demand and supply gap, the local consumers will have to deal with a severe shortage of good quality mangoes, leaving them with inferior quality ones.
In the end, we wish the farmers the best of luck in keeping up with the demands of the International Market and to the consumers who have to bear with whatever is left behind. Anyway, you don’t have to worry if you know us. You know we will still provide premium quality mangoes at your doorstep throughout the summer. We got your back!

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