Types of mangoes available in Pakistan
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How Many Types of Mangoes Are There in Pakistan

Types of mangoes available in Pakistan

A Pakistani’s love for mangoes is not hidden. Some of us wait for summer so that we can enjoy mangoes. Even though the summers are pretty brutal here but a hot sunny day gets better with a juicy mango in hand. You can imagine the amount of love we have for this heavenly fruit.

Pakistan is not only the country where this fruit is loved so much, but it is the country where it is also produced at a considerable scale. The climate and other environmental conditions here are perfect for its production, making Pakistan one of the top mango cultivators globally. Not only this, the types of varieties produced here are in hundreds. Although there are too many varieties available, there are still some top favorite varieties we will discuss. 

Chaunsa Mango

Chaunsa is one of the most loved varieties of mango worldwide. It’s grown in various parts of the world now, but its origin is Multan and Rahim Yar Khan. So the finest quality chaunsa is still produced in its land of origin. It is exceptionally sweet with a wonderful aroma. The name was given by the remarkable Sher Shah Suri when he defeated Himayun at Chaunsa, an area in Bihar, India. It starts ripening in Mid June and stays until august and sometimes till September.  

Langra Mango

This variety of mango originated in Banaras, India. We can’t say why this mango is named “Langra,” meaning “lame,” but according to some stories, the owner of this mango tree was lame himself, so the mango was given this name. The unique quality of this type is that Langra mangoes remain green even when ripe, while other mango varieties become yellow while ripened. Its taste is naturally very sugary, and the flesh is soft. Its ripening season is from June to August. 

Dasehri Mango

Dasehri is the nawab of the mangoes with its roots in the gardens of Nawabs in Lucknow. This juicy and pulpy mango is smaller than the other mangoes, so you can always have more than one. Its flavor makes it perfect to use for milkshakes and squashes. This variety is wide in Vitamin C and fiber making it beneficial for your health. The season to enjoy this delicious mango is around mid-June.

Anwer Ratole Mango

Anwer Ratole is named after Anwer ul Haq who first cultivated this type of mango in Ratole, India. This variety is much loved because of its unique sweet taste, so the demand is high. This variety has got more popular recently because of its super refreshing flavor, high nutritious value, and sweet fragrance. Anwer Ratole is majorly cultivated in Punjab, Pakistan and the peak season is around mid-July- August.

Sindhri Mango

Sindhri, as the name suggests, is a popular variety in Sindh, Pakistan. This is majorly cultivated in Mir Pur Khas, Sindh, and is considered one of the top varieties of Pakistan. They are large in size, oval in shape, and their color is lemon yellow. This variety is also used commercially for milkshakes and juices. Sindhri naturally has a little longer shelf life than others. It doesn’t spoil too early, making it suitable for commercial use and easy to export.


Some other notable and delicious varieties are grown in Pakistan that we want to mention Malda, Sunera, Alphonso, Fajri, and Gulab Khasa. All of these varieties have their uniqueness and their place in our hearts. But what all of them have in common is that they are delightful, flavorsome, and all mangoes, which is enough reason to love each of them. So grab your favorite now and have a sweet treat.

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