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king of mangoes

Exceptionally sweet taste, luscious pulp, unique flavor, and rich gold color! The right ingredients for it to be the rightfully declared king of Mangoes. It was originated in our land Multan and named by the great Sher Shah Suri. Chaunsa is a worldwide favorite because of its rich taste, sweet aroma, and high nutritious value


About Gardezi Farms

We are the decedents of Shah Yousaf Gardez who has a rooted history of about 900 years in Multan, the city of sainthood, peace, and culture. Farming produce has been our business for generations. We inherited the farm, we inherited the richness of culture, we inherited the fertility of the land and we inherited the business. We got all these from our land and our people so we decided to give back. Instead of exporting the best quality farm produce to other countries, we wish to provide the best to our people. We want our people to enjoy the rich taste of their own land which they have been missing out on. So here we are now, taking on the legacy of hundreds of years and the blessings of our saints, working with a vision to make the fresh from the farm produce accessible to everyone at the comfort of their homes.

Gift a Gardezi Mangoes Box

Looking for a unique and healthy gift? Look no further than a Gardezi Mango box! Our mangoes are hand-picked and carefully packed to ensure they arrive fresh and delicious. Plus, they’re a healthy snack option that’s perfect for any occasion. Order your Gardezi Mango box today!