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    Fajri Mango - (Available From 25th July)

    Fajri Mango - (Available From 25th July)

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    • Gross Weight
    • Natural Produce
    • Carbide & Ethylene Free
    • Premium Mangoes
    • Farm Fresh (Unripe)
    • Take 3-5 days to ripe after dispatch

    Fajri mangoes, also known as "Fajri Kalan," are popular in Pakistan. These mangoes are oval-shaped and have greenish-yellow skin with a slightly reddish blush. The flesh is firm, fiberless, sweet, and aromatic. Fajri mangoes are generally harvested in July and August, making them an early-season variety.

    Fajri mangoes are rich in vitamins A and C, dietary fiber, and antioxidants, making them a healthy choice for fruit lovers. The mangoes are ideal for making mango juice, smoothies, and desserts. The unique flavor of Fajri mangoes makes them a favorite among mango enthusiasts, and their availability in the early season makes them a must-try for mango lovers.


    We offer free delivery all over Pakistan. Gardezi Farms will be responsible for any damage caused to the produce during delivery.

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